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AN INTERVIEW WITH// "ISABEL SCHARRER"// by equlibrio felice

Italian, well educated, well balanced, well travelled - she also seems to know well where to find the right experience...

"Lately I have been loving everything which is raw, simple, pure & amp; natural – because in the simplicity of the things lies the true essence."

"By equilibrio felice" has been intrigued by this women since meeting her back in 2017.

A Doctor by profession, an explorer and traveller by passion - She finds herself currently travelling throughout India along the way refining and growing her knowledge of Medicine from an Eastern perspective after graduating in the eyes of the Western world.

She is gentle, composed, ever so sweet and comes from the North of Italy. A certified Yoga teacher and writer.

We couldn't find ourselves missing out on an interview with this wonderful lady.

So here she is, find out a little more about her through an interview with Isabel Scharrer...

Isabel, lets start, first we are excited to know whats your Design, your Purpose, your Being?

"I'm Originally from North – Italy. Late in my twenties and have been a passionate

traveller since the age of 15.

I like to experience life the way it should be experienced, travel to foreign countries, learn about their culture and see all the beauty Mother Nature has to offer us.

Lately I have been loving everything which is raw, simple, pure & amp; natural – because in the simplicity of the things lies the true essence."

"I studied medicine because it was my inner call to once become a psychiatrist and help people heal their psyche, as I believe it is the most complex and fascinating structure.

After my studies I wanted to know more about the Eastern Medicine and so I immersed myself in the depths of Yoga & Ayurveda, which completely changed my life.

It is my dream, in the future, to combine the Western and Eastern Medicine and help as many people as possible to heal their mind & body.

Whenever I have free time I like to immerse myself in nature as much as possible and to do all different kinds of outdoor sports"

Where is it that you currently reside?

"Soon I will go to Beijing, China, for 3 months to study Traditional Chinese Medicine"

What’s the most beautiful word in the world?


What’s your favourite smell?

"Jasmine Flower & Pure smell of earth (rain / ground)"

Whats the best advise you have ever been given?

“When you have more than you need, build a bigger table. Not a bigger fence.”

Growing up, I noticed that every advice that was given to me was regarding how to be "successful”, “bigger”, etc. and this kind of living never resonated with me...

However when I read heard these words, "bigger table not bigger fence" I immediately thought what a wonderful place this earth would be, if every person was given that advice


"Don’t be scared, just go your own way, even if its not the orthodox or traditional way"

What inspires you?

"Mostly I get inspired by Nature and everything Nature has to offer us. But I do believe that we also can get inspired by inspirational people, like Founder of 'by equilibrio felice' Kelly Mason.

It is a beautiful thing to share our knowledge with our friends and to learn from each other"

What’s your favourite time of day?

"Morning Time"

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

"Ladakh, North India.

I had tears in my eyes because the Nature is so incredibly beautiful that you really feel part of it, you just feel connected."

Whom do you secretly admire?

"I believe I don't admire anyone in specific, but everyone who is outstanding, who follows their own inner call, without being scared "

What do you cook better than anyone?

"Christmas cookies, but not better than my Mother "

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

"I try to look at their body language"

When are you most yourself?

"When I travel"

When was the last time you cried?

"I don’t remember exactly, but probably a few weeks ago"

Greatest Weakness?

"I don’t like to listen to the advice people give me.

An Lack of self confidence from time to time"

Greatest Strength?

"Stubborn and determined if I want to achieve something I never give up. "

What are you grateful for today?

"Everyday I am grateful for all the people I love and love me and for my life – I achieved everything I believed in, living my dream"

What is your Mantra?

Shanti mantra- "om sahana vavatu"

Do you believe in a higher power?

"Yes, definitely"

When talking to 'by equilibrio felice' about some of the struggles she has faced Isabel explains the process that help her find release....

" I understood that we can never have everything under control, we need to learn to let go of things we cant control and leave it to the higher power"

How did you know you had found your Design, Purpose, Being?

"During my studies I always knew that I had to learn about Yoga, I just felt it. And when I finally did learn about it, I was scared and I wanted to run. Maybe because I knew that once I embark on this journey, I will never be the same and change is always difficult to accept"

What are some of the struggles you have faced on your path?

"When I first embarked on my overseas journey I was anxious, I would google and research about every little thing to have everything under control but when I first got there – to Nepal,

I understood that we can never have everything under control, we need to learn to let go of things we cant control and leave it to the higher power, and suddenly all these worries were gone.

Many times, during my path, my family or other people were not in accordance of what I am doing, so of course you develop some self doubt – but you need to learn to trust yourself "

Do you have any words for those trying to find their being/expression?

"Just be yourself as much as you can, because only when you believe in you and you love yourself, other people will begin to do it also.

Further, trust yourself, trust your inner voice and your feelings and go with that , no matter what others tell you. Be cautious but don´t be paranoid."

Describe your everyday rituals & routines...

"I wake up, I have some warm water and do some yoga poses which help me use the bathroom.

Then I brush my teeth and clean my tongue with a tongue cleaner (awesome tool).

I do Yoga & Meditation and afterwords I have my coffee. Before every meal I say thank you mostly and I chant the Shanti Mantra.

In the evening, if I have time, again I will do some yoga or some other physical exercises and before going to bed I perform an Abhyanga (Ayurvedic oil massage) to myself, as well as applying oil into my hair and into my nose.

Once a week I apply a hair mask/face mask and rinse my mouth with sesame oil "

What do you do to keep Motivated & Focused?

"Of course not everyday can be as good as the other one, there are ups and downs everywhere.

But due to the fact that I have many friends who are having the same focus and motivation it helps me never to be out of focus for too long"

How do you spend your free time?

"I love going to the Nature and getting lost in her.

Any outdoor sports activity is just awesome and if I have my camera with me even better as I love to capture the beauty.

Otherwise the usual being meeting friends, reading, painting & creating, I love going to see a movie"

How do you find Balance?

"Finding balance is not always easy for me as I am an extreme person, but I am trying every day to balance out my day.

If I have to work indoors or on my computer, even though I become very focused, I try to force myself to go out at least for a while – to move my body, to do something else and regroup.

Because we know that only the balance, the equilibrium, is the tool which can help us to get where we want to be”

What are your thoughts on mindfulness?

"Mindfulness, means as much as being Aware and being Conscious about things.

This is something very important and something we can practice everyday and everywhere. For example if we go for a walk we can be conscious about the birds singing, about the ground under our feet, about the wind touching our face …

It basically means to be Aware, to be Present on the thing you are doing in this specific time and not let your mind wander away to the past or the future "

What can we find you indulging in?

"I like to indulge in everything which is simple, pure , raw and natural. Literally in every sense, regarding food, clothes, colours, people etc

When 'by equilibrio felice' asked Isabel what she likes to indulge in she told us...

"I like to indulge and everything which is simple, pure , raw and natural"

Isabel is continuing to explore the beauty that India has to offer. Before she knows it she will be taking on a complimentary perspective when she travels to China where she will spend months learning about the ancient practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

An finally, Whats next for Isabel Scharrer?

"Even though I would like to share with you all about where I see myself I believe that these things are very sacred and special to yourself. These things I don't believe should be shared too much before they actually happen.

I also believe that you can visualise your own future and everything will happen how you want it to happen.

I will hope to share with you all once my Dreams come true."

Isabel explains to others who are in search of their beings...

"Just be yourself as much as you can, because only when you believe in you and you love yourself, other people will begin to do it also"

We hope that our paths cross once again with this intelligently wonderful, inspiring lady.

A pleasure to have her share little glimpses of her life and her perspectives.

Until we meet Isabel again you can follow her journey on social media where she shares with the world the places she bares witness to, articles she has written on various topics such as Natural Medicine, Travel & Yoga...


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