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"By equilibrio felice" spent some time getting to know the lady of casual, effortless beauty in being, An Artist. Yoga Teacher & an enthusiast of Eastern European cuisine. Miss "Neovi Vlassopoulou."

We first met and came to know Neovi back in November 2017 in Goa,India where she was partaking in a Sivananda Yoga 300hr Advanced Teacher training course with her Teacher Madhav.

Her seriously sexy, natural and unique look complimented with gentle confidence, her thirst for expression & her obtainment for continued learning and growth caught our attention instantly.

Eager to learn more about the Scottish born, Greek blooded beaut we sat down with Neovi to delve deep into her being, this is what we discovered...

So Neovi, First, we would love to know whats your Design, your Purpose, your Being?

"Teaching yoga. This is truly a gift and a blessing of how to spend your life. Helping others, spreading positive and nourishing energy.

Helping to heal others and helping them heal themselves and seeing changes in others that you have encouraged and influenced. This is the best gift in the world.

Being Artisy. Being able to express yourself in a creative manner is liberating in so many ways I will never be able to fully explain.

Tapping into a part of the mind, the emotions and the puzzle that is the subconscious will forever be my treasure.

Creating art that has a positive effect on others is also a great gift.

Also cooking. Touching the soul, feeding the body with all the correct nourishment. Cooking with love and feeding others with organic, wholesome and tasty food has been a favourite in my past, for many years already and will be for many more to come"

Where is it that you currently reside?

"India and Greece"

What’s the most beautiful word in the world?


"Meaning “Impermanence” in Sanskrit. It puts into perspective how little we are, how immaterial the world is and how important the present is.

Impermanence is beautiful to me as it puts emphasis on how beautiful now is, how what we do now will influence us and others around us."

What’s your favourite smell?

"Lotus for its calming effect on the mind. With its subtle fresh fragrance it lifts moods, recharges the soul with a light refreshing energy"

Whats the best advise you have ever been given?

"When you are uncertain of things in your life help others and the rest will unfold. Also focusing on the present, make each moment count and karma will look after you and your future.

Be passionate. When you do something you love with passion and care doors open naturally, paths unfold and life develops into something truly beautiful "

What inspires you?

"Creativity. Nature. The Ocean. The Sun. The Wind. Sunrise."

What’s your favourite time of day?


What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

"Tough question.

The Greek Islands for their tranquillity, serenity, simplicity and breathtakingly stunning views and crystal clear waters which shine and reflect the energy coming from our beautiful sun. Also Hampi, India, due to its incredible vast landscapes, ancient temples and ruins, unbelievable rocks and boulders which form the beauty of the place, less not forget its gorgeous river that runs through it."

Whom do you secretly admire?

"Kelly Mason. For her endless Dedication, Perseverance and continual Sadhana practice in her Life."

What do you cook better than anyone?

"Food made with love and many Greek vegetarian dishes such as Imam, Gigantes & Briam"

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

"Their energy and their eyes"

When are you most yourself?

"When painting and when engaging in Yoga in all senses of the word, Asanas, Meditation, following the Yamas, Niyamas and the rest of the Ashtanga Raja Yoga principles."

When was the last time you cried?

"2 days ago"

Greatest Weakness?

"Inability to plan ahead"

Greatest Strength?

"Helping others. Creating Art"

What are you grateful for today?

"To be blessed with a simple and honest life from two very different cultures"

What is your Mantra?

"Make the most of every situation, good and bad, everything passes so make each moment count "

Do you believe in a higher power?


Becoming tuned into your body and then your mind, you realise how small we are. In size, shape and energy. There is a Divine, strong energy present at all times, we just have to have patience to be able to tune out of the distractions of the sensual world and into the subtle world of energy and allow it to restore us"

Neovi gives advice to others looking to find their expression ...

"Go inwards. Take time for yourself. Material distractions will never be able to help you as much as you can help yourself "

So tell by equilibrio felice, who is Neovi?

"A Friendly and Compassionate person, seeking to help the world one day at a time. Loving creating, sharing, helping, caring and soothing others.

Helping to build people up, help them make find their inner strength, feel more confident and comfortable with themselves"

How did you know you had found your Design, Purpose, Being?

"With regards to teaching Yoga, " When I began teaching and received heart warming comments from people who I had helped. "

Regarding Art, " When I began to sell work and the people buying my work couldn't hide their appreciation and admiration of my work"

What are some of the struggles you have faced on your path?

"Not being able to help everyone all the time. This is my biggest struggle ."

Describe your everyday rituals & routines...

"I wake up 6.30am and Meditate for 1 hour. Asana practice for 1-2 hours or I teach a Yoga class

Breakfast between 9-11am where i spend some time planning by writing my to-do lists for the day

I Paint. Swim/walk/write throughout the afternoons. Asana practice 4.30-6.30 or teaching yoga

7pm i have dinner, and between 8-10pm I paint, read or try to be productive with art related things "

What do you do to keep Motivated & Focused?


How do you spend your free time?

"Painting, cooking, practising yoga, going for walks."

How do you find Balance?

"By applying discipline but not forcing too much. Meditation is key."

What are your thoughts on mindfulness?

" It is key to success in life."

What can we find you indulging in?


Whats next for Neovi Vlas?

"To delve deeper into my spiritual practice, delve deeper into my creative mind. Push my art work and try to be more organised and proactive with technology related things "

When Neovi isnt teaching Yoga, she is creating beautiful Art work for her Clients, ranging from abstract pieces to Life drawing...

"Being able to express yourself in a creative manner is liberating in so many ways I will never be able to fully explain."

Neovi recently held an Exhibition of her work at "Stranger Fruit & Jam Gallery" in support of the 'Women's Resource Centre' in February of this year.

See more on Neovi's pieces on her Facebook page

Neovi is currently in Goa, India where she will remain for the coming weeks before returning back to her home in Scotland. She plans to make a move to Greece, a place she feels most at home, where she will continue to teach Yoga and express herself through her Art.

We wish her luck in her vision and her future ventures.

It was a pleasure to get to know the Women that is "Miss Neovi Vlassopoulou" in a little more depth however from this interaction we now know there is so much more of her and her expression to discover.


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