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AN INTERVIEW WITH// "Soumya Pathak."// by Kelly Mason

The Indian Beauty that is Miss Soumya Pathak is currently teaching Yoga full time. Enjoying spreading and sharing her knowledge of the practice...

"Helping those in need has always been something that my soul moves to"

"By equilibrio felice" spent time with the Natural Beauty "Miss Soumya Pathak" to get to know her a little better and to understand a few questions like what inspires her and what helps her reach her full potential day in and day out along side teaching Yoga.

We met Soumya back in Mid - late 2017 when she was completing her 900hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training course at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India. It was here that we first become fascinated with the beautiful Indian Native.

We watched her blossom as she would learn and teach others in Samkhya Philosophy, her keen interests and how she excitingly related to Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, we watched her physical practice blossom and we bare witness to shifts and the over coming of her inner resistances and fears.

We knew we needed more and we decided to delve deeper into the Lady that is Soumya Pathak....

Soumya, lets start, first we are excited to know whats your Design, your Purpose, your Being?

"I currently work full time as a Yoga Teacher.

I absolutely love teaching and sharing my knowledge with as many people as I can.

Since I was a little girl (which I still am in my heart), helping those in need has always been something that my soul moves to, especially young girls.

I remember the incident which made me realise this - I had gone to a hang out with a few friends and I saw two little girls begging.

I wanted to pick them up and hug them so tight. They came to me to ask for money and I bought them packets of popcorn instead.

After some time, I saw their brother slap the younger one and take the packets from them demanding that they go and ask for more.

I don’t know for how long did I cry that night just thinking about that little girl’s face. It shook me to my very core thinking that there are so many little girls who face this every single day and this ultimately becomes their life.

Even today, my throat chokes up thinking about the incident.

It is my dream to use whatever resources I have, monetary as well as knowledge, to make a difference in their lives."

"My hobbies include singing, as I am very attached to Music. It is something that connects me to a very positive place in my heart.

I also love spending time with my dog - it relieves me of all my stress.

I believe that animals understand emotions that even we can’t. The unconditional love that they have for us teaches us so many things.

And of course self practice, I love to free flow on my mat"

Where is it that you currently reside?

"I am living in my home town, Gwalior. It is small city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh"

What’s the most beautiful word in the world?

The most beautiful and powerful word in the world is "LOVE"

"We underestimate the magic and beauty of it. I believe that Love is the one thing that transcends time and space.

It encompasses all the energy with which this Universe was built. If we look around, each and everything that exists is a manifestation of love in some way or the other"

What’s your favourite smell?

"The smell of first rain on the mud is and will forever be my favourite smell. For me it signifies hope, new beginnings.

It is like a gentle reminder to pause and breathe in and appreciate the beauty around us"

Whats the best advise you have ever been given?

“When you have more than you need, build a bigger table. Not a bigger fence.”

Growing up, I noticed that every advice that was given to me was regarding how to be "successful”, “bigger”, etc. and this kind of living never resonated with me...

However when I read heard these words, "bigger table not bigger fence" I immediately thought what a wonderful place this earth would be, if every person was given that advice"

What inspires you?

"Humility and simplicity inspires me.

Everyone is so busy being a “big person” that being humble has become a rarity hence, every time I find that radiating from someone, my heart immediately draws inspiration from it"

What’s your favourite time of day?

"I love the time after sunset when the sun is also going down for rest after a whole day’s work, just like everyone else"

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been?

"The most beautiful place I have ever been to is a small hill station in Madhya Pradesh, Panchmarhi. It doesn’t have the conventional scenery but just the simple and sober life of the place makes me really happy"

Whom do you secretly admire?


Reason being, if I admire someone, I make it a point to let them know that they are wonderful, inspirational and they make a difference in somebody’s life by being the way they are"

What do you cook better than anyone?

"Vegetable Masala omelette - I really do make it really nice"

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

"How they treat people below them"

When are you most yourself?

"When I am playing with my dog"

When was the last time you cried?

"The last time I cried was when I was writing the incident about the little girl in this article. I am very emotional"

Greatest Weakness?

"I have this Inability to control my impulse and emotions sometimes"

Greatest Strength?

"The values given to me by my Mother and Father"

What are you grateful for today?

"For having an opportunity to have lived this day"

What is your Mantra?

“Do the Universe a favour and quit hiding your magic”

Do you believe in a higher power?

"Absolutely!! 100%"

Soumya doesn't believe in secret, concealed admiration....

"I let them know that they are wonderful, inspirational and they make a difference "

How did you know you had found your Design, Purpose, Being?

"When you wake up every day feeling the same joy and gratitude to be able to do something, that’s when you know you have found your being

When your soul and not your intellectual mind calls out to something and the joy you feel doing it is beyond explanation, you know you have found your purpose"

What are some of the struggles you have faced on your path?

"By God’s Grace, I haven’t faced anything yet that is big enough to call a struggle.

A few speed bumps that I can recall would be that of the demise of my Mother, subsequent severe depression, the inability to talk about it to anyone and in result a drastic negative change in my behaviour.

Thankfully the Universe helped me to come out and through the other side"

Do you have any words for those trying to find their being/expression?

"Sit with yourself.

Be gentle.

Finding your being is like finding your way home through a jungle you’ve never seen before, paths you’ve never tread on.

It will take time, and hard work. But it will happen and when you finally reach your destination it will all be worth it"

Describe your everyday rituals & routines...

"Usually I wake early, by 6am. I start the day by doing everyday morning chores before having my Self practice.

After practice i spend time enjoying breakfast, then head to the studio to teach scheduled classes.

I have some spare time in between me teaching in the mornings and the afternoons so here i find myself reading or completing necessary personal work.

In the late afternoon early evening i conduct a further class, usually most days i have classes.

In the evenings i have dinner and ensure at night before i sleep i do my daily reflections"

What do you do to keep Motivated & Focused?

"The phrase "We weren’t born just to pay bills and die.” keeps me motivated"

How do you spend your free time?

"Usually reading something good, playing with my dog or spending time with my family"

How do you find Balance?

"Getting a little distance always helps in looking at things clearly.

Also, one of the most powerful quotation that always helps me in finding balance is “This too shall pass.”

What are your thoughts on mindfulness?

"Taking one day at a time, being aware of your breath, reflecting each day on your thoughts, words and actions sums up mindfulness for me"

What can we find you indulging in?

"Sometimes Indian Sweets, and a lot of times making my way through this journey towards self"

An finally, Whats next for Soumya Pathak?

"Diving deeper into the unexplored territories of my own potential and personality and bringing them out to extend a helping hand to at least one person a day."

Soumya maintains a daily Yoga practice and believes in the importance of daily self reflections, this is shown through her advise given to others on finding their beings...

"Sit with yourself, Be gentle, It will take time, and hard work but know it will all be worth it"

You can find Soumya teaching local Yoga classes to her Community in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

When we asked what was next for her she replied...

"Diving deeper into the unexplored territories of my own potential and personality"

Meeting her as she embarks on her own Journey of self discovery and self improvement we wish her all the best on her venture. We hope to meet Soumya again in the future to see where she is on her path.

A pleasure to learn more about Soumya Pathak and we hope this isn't the last time "by equilibrio felice" gets to talk with this beautiful, inspiring women.

Until we meet Soumya again you can follow her journey on social media where she posts motivational and progressional writings on Yoga, Health & leading a healthy balanced life...


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