JOURNAL// "Seasonal Goa comes to her end once again 2019/2020." // by Kelly Mason

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Wearing @Sage.larock & @ZEMEStudio

Well I've got some time so I thought that I would write...

It's funny how everything passes by us so fast! I cant believe it - I will be celebrating my 30th Birthday this year, in Goa, in isolation and living two minutes from a beach that I can not for the moment reach!

2020 was supposed to go alot differently than it seems to be going - but its ok. Things happen, changes appear and things just sometimes don't go the way that we plan! In fact it is these moments that I count my stars for my life and my health over everything else.

A few months ago I thought it was going to be a year of retreats and creating beautiful plant based cuisine. I was looking forward to the first scheduled retreat in Bali on the 20th March along with other retreats scheduled for the rest of the year taking me comfortably and happily through 2020.

What happened next? Well, Bali was the first to be cancelled and along with this came others and it got to the point where my earnings for the year and travelling and doing what I love to do were fast floating away from my new reality!

Very quickly I was the first to tell myself "its ok", we are looking forward and I am excited at the similar plans a little further down the line and for now I know that I have to just sit back, do the best that I can in the meantime and be patient - something I usually struggle with.

So I am sat here, upon reflextion that the Goa season, my third season here in India, is once again coming to her near end...

SEASON 2019 /2020

I was meant to come this season to North Goa to relax, to wait for my work to begin in March 2020 working with Akasha Yoga lifestyle and Lets be found with some amazing Yoga teachers and wellness entrepreneurs cooking pant based cuisine for their retreat guests and wellness trainings and between November to March was free reign for me in my mind and what better place to spend the time waiting for the retreats to begin than spending my time in my second home of north Goa.

I decided to dedicate the season to becoming a little more patient, doing less and practicing more Yoga as I had spent the summer months back in the UK working 50+ hour weeks as a head chef in a plant based eatery... after this I for sure needed a little cool down and knew, well thought that I knew, that work was coming in during spring time of 2020.

Well of course doing less didnt happen this season...

Instead, I spent this time with a jam packed daily routine including practicing or teaching Yoga in my mornings; being a supporting hand at my partners coffee shop making plant based desserts and serving coffee; taking as many daily walks on the beach that I could squeeze in all while keeping our simple home clean and beautiful.

All of my other time was spent supporting many wonderful brands by helping out where I can - creating content for and through collaborations with them...

From dessert recipe development for one of my favourite Cacao producers from right here in india (MASON & CO) to helping along side supporting local, independent or international ethical and sustainable brands - two of which were my favourite brands who are actually based here in Goa!

These brands are Studio Tia & FARA boutique....


I first was introducted to the brand FARA back in 2018 - I came into their store and just couldn't help but touch all of their designs; the silks; the tie dye; the hemp! I loved it all but it actually wasnt until that next season in 2019 that I bought a number of their pieces for a wedding I was attending in Koh Samui that Febraury.

Once I bought the clothes, which I could barely afford at the time, I didn't take them off the whole trip! From the city to the beach to the hen party to the wedding itself I was in FARA and I was smitten!

Since then I have done what I am proud to do and that is tell everyone about FARA's designs! in addition during this season stepped up my game with my support of the brand - In fact now, most of my wordrobe is FARA and daily I get to drape myself in their soft silks and even softer hemp designs!

You can hear more about the FARA story or shop the FARA collections of Hemp and RAW silks by visiting their online store or alternatively if you find yourself in North Goa between the months of November - April you can visit their store Alchemy Goa, located on Ashvem beach front.


Tia is like FARA's right hand women. They both run the clothing boutique and sell their brands together during each and every Goan season.

They have been running this boutique for the last few seasons and I'm telling you everyone talks about these ladies designs - I found people travel for miles to come into this store - an this store, this season, was the space that I was lucky enough to be spending most of my time - wearing their designs, supporting their designs and then owning basically all their designs!

Tia speciality is in Indian handwoven cottons and in her LUXE collection in silks.

First introduced to the brand in 2017 where I bought a number of pieces and again, same story, I couldn't get out of them and wanted more!

An yes, the remaining part to my wardrobe is now that of Studio Tia's designs..