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PLANT FEED// "Simple, easy, plant based Banana, Pineapple & Masala chai oats." // by Kelly Mason

During my time on site at the Ashram in Mandrem, Goa throughout the season of 2017/2018 - in total I was there for just over three months working on several Yin Teacher training courses. It would be my routine most days after finishing up the daily Yin experiential session with my students to take myself into the kitchen and make something to eat.

The small space would be shared between me, the Maharaj Deepak (also a dear friend) and the maid Eye, but we managed - each day was filled with sweet mornings, moments of mini Hindi lessons, laughs and smiles.

Of course the Maharaj would serve many varieties of tasty Southern Indian style breakfasts like Idli or Poha however sometimes I would find them too heavy for me to maintain activity throughout the morning - I require very little and maybe due to the eating habits my body is used to receiving I would find most of the dishes wouldn't serve my body as well as other options, In addition most days just being able to go through the process of making my meal to start the day excites me especially in such a lovely environment...

Simple oats, with a few compliments varying this simple choice, is more than enough to keep me sustained throughout the morning. If Oats aren't my option on any day and I have my blender to hand I go for a shake usually consisting of Banana & Avocado with a Nut milk base to keep me satisfied.

Anyway, Oats for me was the choice most of the time during my stay as they were always to hand and fresh fruits readily available. So here is the recipe for one of my go to Pineapple, Banana, Cacao concoction for you to try and enjoy....



• 1/2 Cup Organic rolled oats

• 1 Cup of Masala chai tea

• Less than a pinch of rock salt

• Pinch of cinnamon


• 1/4 Cup Fresh chopped pineapple, ripe & sweet.

• 1 Small banana

• 1 Tsp Cacao nibs

To Serve

You can serve with a little drizzle of agave, coconut nectar or honey (beegan depending) to add some extra, if required only, sweetness.


1. Place the oats into a bowl and in a separate pan bring the Masala Chai or tea of choice to the boil. (I like to use tea as the base for my oats to add depth and a slight undertone aroma to the simple breakfast - why not. Try - let me know how you like it)

2. Place the rolled oats to the tea and cook, at this point you can also add in the salt and the cinnamon

3. While the oats cook chop the pineapple into sizeable chunks and slice the banana. Such a beautiful pairing and the cinnamon really makes the fresh pineapple pop in this dish

4. Remove the covering on the tea infused oat and stir while adding the chopped banana

5. Top the dish with the fresh pineapple, Cacao nibs, sweetener of choice and finish with a small tease of cinnamon.

Enjoy totally, fully, completely & with all of your being.

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