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PLANT FEED// "Sweet chilli lettuce wraps." // by Kelly Mason

My body is designed to consume light foods. For my practice and for my development I am designed to not over indulge.

By over indulging, in anything, can hinder the Yoga practitioner.

But what to do? I know what is good for me, I know what I should do... But I love the food, I like the feeling of full but I still want to remain light in mind and body so my practice is not hindered.

Over eating stops my practice. Period. If I over indulge in the intake of food I find myself lethargic & stagnated. Not wanting to get myself to my mat as my mind is cloudy.... the blood has left my brain and has been pumped to my stomach where energy and effort goes to work through the job of churning all the food I've just consumed.

My answer, to eat a lot at times is OK But its about eating the right things.

I can over indulge all I want when it comes to these sweet chilli lettuce wraps hence why I love them so much and they have been featured in this blog.

Simple, Layered, Light, yum.



• 3 Leaves of butter crunch lettuce

• 1/4 Cup beansprouts

• 1/4 Cup sprouts

• 1/4 Cup cubed tomato

• 1/4 Cup cubed cucumber

• 1/4 Cup chopped fresh coriander

• 1 Tsp lemon juice

• Sweet chilli sauce

• 1 Tsp Virgin olive oil

• Pinch salt


1. Separate the lettuce leaves and place on chopping board

2. Add tomato, cucumber, salt, olive oil & lemon juice into a bowl and mix

3. Add mixture evenly into each leaf

4. Evenly distribute the beansprouts & sprouts on the top and drizzle with Sweet chilli sauce

5. Finish with fresh coriander and a further pinch of salt & drizzle of olive oil.

Enjoy totally, fully, completely, with all of your being.


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