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PLANTFEED// Delicious Raspberry chocolate bark that is Vegan, GF and no sugar." by Kelly Mason

This is one of my favourite things to make when I am back home and I have friends over for the evening.

Its so simple, so versatile, so tasty and oh so pretty.

You can make endless variations ranging from Oreo bark, dried fruits & nut to orange, chamomile and sesame ( if you are feeling a little more adventurous).

Personally I like to use good quality chocolate in all of my recipes so dependant on where I find myself in the world when I am making this sweet treat depends where and how I would source the cacao.

When in places such as Mysore or Goa I can source almost directly from the source. Getting top grade 100% Indian cacao which is of course ideal and my best option however when I am in other places like the UK or the US I use chocolate such as products or - these are a few of my favourite chocolate companies! Oh and if in India, I don't use for this recipe but I enjoy when I can get my hands on it,.. I absolutely love indulging in chocolate range.

But really when it comes down to it you can choose what chocolate you like as the base for this recipe.

This chocolate bark variation is pretty simple but super tasty just as it is and one of my favourites that I wanted to share with you.



• 1 Cup 75% + Dark Chocolate

• 1/4 Tsp Vanilla bean powder

• 2 Tbsp Freeze dried raspberries (Lightly crushed)

• 1 Tbsp Cacao nibs

• 1 Tbsp almonds (pre soaked & chopped)

• Pinch pink salt


1. Soak the almonds for around 8 hours and wash well, chop and place to the side.

2. Melt the chosen dark chocolate and add the vanilla powder.

3. Spread the melted chocolate thinly & evenly on a medium sized silicon sheet

4. Immediately spread the crushed raspberries, cacao nibs chopped almonds and pinch of salt over the drying chocolate

5. Place in the fridge and allow to set for at least ten minutes before serving.

6. Can store well for up to 4 days but best served fresh.

Enjoy totally, completely & with all of your being.


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