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PLANTFEED// "Sun potion // Matcha peppermint latte."//by Kelly Mason

I love making this latte!! There is no better drink for the summer months and personally, rain or shine I have this recipe over ice ever single time! Wanna know why? Cause it tastes like I am eating liquid form chocolate chip mint ice cream! However for all you warm drink lovers you can adapt my methods to create a hot version of the recipe for those cold winter months!

Every person I have made this drink for has fallen head over heels. It’s light, beautiful to look at, so refreshing and is packed with benefits in every sip for both the mind and the body! Oh, and did I mention it tastes like Mint choc chip (but without the dairy or the calories!) Matcha is packed with antioxidants, it tastes amazing, it promotes a sense of calm and aids in a more focused mind. You can see why more and more people are switching to this nutrient rich tea as an alternative to their highly stimulating morning coffee! In this recipe I have used the Doterra peppermint edible oil. Please be careful when adding the correct amount of oil as you can very easily totally ruin your latte by adding too much of this very potent oil! That is why I have requested you use the “Toothpick swirl” Method to ensure you don’t over add the oil to your latte.


A toothpick swirl is a simple method for incorporating tiny amounts of very potent essential oils into foods. I use the toothpick method with all oils that are so strong that even a single drop can completely overpower a recipe. To measure out a toothpick swirl you’ll need to start with a plain, non infused toothpick. Simply dip the tip of that toothpick into your peppermint essential oil, and then stir into your ingredients using the now infused toothpick. The deeper you dip the toothpick, the more essential oil you’ll get and the stronger the scent will be. I recommend starting with what seems like too little and working your way up!

Not only does adding a little peppermint (or any other edible high food grade oil) into one of your recipes make it taste great, these oils also have many benefits!


+ helps alleviate occasional upset stomach + Promotes healthy respiratory function.

+ freshens your breath + promotes a feeling of energy + invigorating and cooling effects + delightful and refreshing flavour

Start your day off right by switching up your black coffee, dairy latte or artificially sweetened mocha for a refreshing, gently energising, naturally sweetened peppermint matcha vegan latte!


200ml Coconut milk (Or any other plant milk of choice) 1 Tsp White dragon matcha powder 1 “toothpick swirl” Doterra edible food grade peppermint oil 1 tsp maple syrup 2 ice cubes


Place half of the plain plant milk over ice in a glass

Whisk the other half of the milk with white dragon matcha powder, maple and a toothpick swirl only of the Doterra peppermint oil.

Add the peppermint matcha mix to the iced milk.


Enjoy totally, completely and with all of your being.


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