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PLANTFEED// "GF, Plant based sweet potato gnocchi W peashoots & sea salt."// by Kelly Mason

When I first decided to put homemade, GF sweet potato gnocchi on the menu at Wild and Wild I put the trial of actually creating this dish during the recipe development process on top of big old pedestal - the thought during this time actually scared me as to get this right can be a little tricky and time consuming even though there are only two ingredients - flour and potato.

But here we are a few weeks down the line and we have officially placed this dish on the menu after the response from the taster dishes went down so well.

For the starter dish we serve in a small bowl with around five pieces per serving on a bed of pea shoots and amaranth finished with crushed sea salt and an infused vegan mayonnaise.

Actually this recipe makes a double feature as we have to offer both the gnocchi as a starter served with shoots and finished we crushed sea salt and as a main dish that is served with green leaves, puffed quinoa and truffle oil (a beautifully simple but deliciousy tasty recipe I will be sharing over the coming weeks!)

So here it is, serving as a starter as they are with an accompaniment of your chosen dip our fried GF sweet potato gnocchi W shoots & sea salt.


Serves 10

• 1 Cup GF plain flour

• 5 small sweet potato

• 2 - 4 cups pea shoots

• 2 - 4 cups amaranth shoots

• Pinch of sea salt


1. Skin and boil cubes of sweet potato

2. Once softened drain the water and place the cooked potato into a large bowl

3. Allow a little time for the potato to cool but try to mash before they become cold as the result of the gnocchi becomes more of a success if the gnocchi is made while the potato is still warm

4. Once the potato has slightly cooled and mashed add little by little flour and using your hands to gently fold the flour into the mashed potato until a dough is formed

5. Dust your work surface with flour and grab a handful of potato mixture, roll into a manageable sized ball and begin to roll the ball into a long sausage no more than 2 inches thick

6. Cut into middle finger thick pieces and roll, gently, in flour then place onto baking paper on a tray to cool in the fridge

7. Repeat with remaining mixture

8. Once the gnocchi has been made you can either serve fresh or freeze in large batches

9. You can either boil for a new minutes until the gnocchi pieces begin to float then place in a wok to flash fry with a little coconut oil or you can add directly to the fryer and deep fry for around 3 minutes for a crispier version of the dish

10. Serve on a bed of fresh pea shoots and crush a little sea salt to finish. This small starter dish is great served with any dip but I especially love an herb infused dip or homemade chilli jam.

Enjoy totally, completely & with all of your being.


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