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PLANTFEED// "Vegan Kimchi."// by Kelly Mason

Basic Vegan Kimchi

1 Head Napa Cabbage

Sea salt

2 Tbsp Tamari

2 Tbsp Coconut sugar

¼ Cup Pineapple Juice

¼ Cup warm water

1 Tbsp Ginger

1 Head Garlic

1 Small white onion

¼ Cup red chilli flakes

1 Cup carrot (Julienne )6 Spring Onions


Wash cabbage head and place into bowl. Begin to ass a generous amount of salt and press the leaves together to encourage the release of the cabbage water.

Leave for around 30 minutes.

Prepare the sauce for the Kimchi by adding the ginger, garlic, onion, red chili flakes to a blender and blend until forming a paste.

In a separate bowl add tamari, coconut sugar, pineapple & warm water together and mix, then add to the paste and pulse to combine.

Add carrot & spring onion to mixing bowl and add sauce. Combine well.

Coat the cabbage in the paste and then transfer the ingredients to a sterilised container. Pack the cabbage down so it is covered by the brine otherwise the batch will spoil.

Leave in a warm dark place for at least 36 hours.

The longer it is left to ferment the tangier the result. You can leave the Kimchi to ferment for up to one week.

Store in Fridge for 3-4 weeks.


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