THE POWER OF// "4 practices to feel more beautiful in your own skin." by Kelly Mason

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

This is something that of course comes with time, practice and patience. Something that can take a whole while before you find that you accept yourself for all of, what you feel, are your positives and negatives whether visually or internally.

I have had my own share of ups and downs when it comes to accepting and feeling beautiful within my own skin, her traits, her genetics, the body and mind God and my parents gave me and this is something I have been working on for the last 30 years.

There have been times where I have hated certain curves, certain angles, certain lighting, stretch marks, moles, skin tone or problem areas. Certain ways in which I have conducted myself and behaved. Certain weight gains and losses. Certain mental defeats.

There is hope and you can make shifts in the way you're feel about yourself. There is a way in which you can become more accepting, in tune and more in love with who you are and what you look like. I have found that with some very simple techniques I shifted my perspectives and the negative views of myself; the way I acted; and the way I looked and today I would love to share a brief summary of some of these simple practices with you...


A place of self refections is an amazing meditation within itself and not only this but it has an extremely powerful way in which you can help to understand why you feel about yourself the way that you do and how to shift it from a negative to a positive feeling.

It isn't about just feeling beautiful in your skin through looks and how you are externally, feeling beautiful within your skin doesn't end at your superficial skin layer. It goes deep into the centre of your being, your actions and the intentions behind those actions.

It's such a strong and powerful habit to spend a mere five minutes, usually at the end of each day, to reflect on what you did that day and how you went about it; what choices you made; what the interactions were; where your headspace was; how you met the world and it's new day of sweet offerings; how you seized the day or how you took a little time for much needed rest and how it felt; how you made an impact no matter how small it might have been; what you created; how you reacted and so on. In this you can always find ways to build upon, improve, take the positives and be proud. How incredible that this five minutes can have such a positive impact on you mind towards yourself...


I find that affirmations are a really helpful thing to make you feel how you want to feel about yourself and in addition affirmations within themselves can help aid towards making your vision a reality! It's amazing the power of these simple statements of short sentences as a reminder of how amazingly beautiful you are inside and out as well as a reminder of what you are doing and why.

Some of my own personal self empowerment, self encouragement or self love affirmations are as follows...

"You are enough ... and then some."

"You are beautiful."

"I appreciate, I honour & I respect you."

"You can do anything, I believe in your power."

"Do you like no one else could."

"I am me and I accept me for all I am."

"You are beautiful, powerful & unique."

I usually repeat at least ten times while looking deep into my eyes in a mirror. I don't think of anything else and I feel each and every word as I repeat. I am completely focused in trying to persuade myself that these words are powerful and true.


I really love the practices all revolving around self care. Some of the really nice ways in which to appreciate your body and the skin that you are in is to provide self massage. Whether it be a full body massage or a weekly facial massage. Take some time to touch your body. Feel your skin inbetween your fingertips. Achknowledge your shape, your feminine, your marks.

In addition to this ensuring that you spend some time dedicated to what you put in your body by ensuring you feed your body healthy foods. Avoiding overeating in any given day. Have an intake of nourishing foods, medicinal foods, fresh light foods and cleansing foods. Basically anything that isn't super heavy, too dense or stagnant.

Making sure that you have enough sleep, enough (But of course not too much) rest and down time.

Have a self care routine including moving your body through practices of Yoga, walking, jogging or a few moments of high intensity training to encourage the release of endorphins that naturally make you happy!


Wake early and listen to the birds sing, gaze out the window, breathe a big breath of life and give thanks...

Take a walk, practice some yoga or do a gentle movement meditation to reject the stagnations and weight I may have placed upon my body the previous day

Take a little time to reflect about my actions and the happenings of the previous day and project the positive I want to instils into my day ahead


I believe that what it is that we place upon our bodies, and the choices in which we make when it comes to the products that we buy to place upon our skin has a huge impact to how we feel within our skin both consciously and unconsciously... HUGE!

As much as possible I like to place only natural, plant based ingredients upon my skin. I use Plant based, gentle and non toxic soups, shampoo's and conditioner; I use coconut oil, ONLY, to moisturise my skin; I use vegan cosmetics; various combinations of plant based ingredients for my weekly or alternate day DIY face masks; and my perfume is made with 100% natural flower and fruit extracts.

I found that this was a major step towards me feeling more natural and more beautiful within my own skin.

So if you are feeling ugly towards yourself for whatever reason at whatever time try to include at least one of these techniques or practices for a little while and watch how the gratefulness, appreciation, perspective shifts, beauty growth and acceptance towards yourself expands and you find yourself in a more beautiful reality that will have a massive positive impact to how you are, how you present yourself and how you interact with the people and the world around you but most importantly how ou feel towards yourself inside.

I would love to know your feedback from this, whether you have started to implement even small changes towards the efforts of loving yourself completely, accepting yourself fully and believing that you are beautiful just the way you are and with what you have been given.

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