JOURNAL// "A note on Acceptance." by Kelly Mason


Finding new space when we begin to accept circumstances, situations, people, efforts, intentions, duties…

With acceptance there is no space for resistance, no room for regret - acceptance is too beautiful to be accompanied by such things.

Acceptance takes up all the space for a better experiences…

“Accept more, resist less.”

Where acceptance lays within us there is no space for judgement and when we accept others and eliminate the judgement of others we automatically loose resistance and judgement of ourselves.

We accept others for who they are and what they strive to become and through this we accept ourselves as we are now, the place in which we strive to what we ourselves want to become.

Resistance ceases to exist and we fall into a place of flow. Like it is almost as if we are floating through circumstances and situations e are given freely, openly and willingly…. we ride the wave of living when we cultivate acceptance in every given situation.

We accept our circumstance and situation for what it is.

We resist nothing that is thrown in front of us, we resist nothing that we are faced with and here we enjoy the whole spectrum of struggle and joy throughout the life we have been kindly given.

Training in a larger understanding that each and every one of us all go through pain, love loss, betrayal, things not working out exactly as we had hoped for - In this knowing and larger perspective acceptance becomes easier...

Here we can grow and not get drowned by the situations.

We take every moment given as an opportunity for growth not an excuse to remain still and stagnant - We look forth and move forth with a deeper knowledge of life.

In acceptance we make room for an enhanced experience.

With acceptance we can feel more. We can allow ourselves to be fully with our pain and then again through the practice of more acceptance we can let that pain go to become more weightless and move in our minds with more ease.

It's ok to feel the pain, to feel anger, to feel resistance. This is natural of course. But are you with it fully? I urge you to experience the essence of it. The essence of your “negatives”. But then dont stay there too long. Leave it, accept and move forth.

Ask yourself, Do I ever swim against the current? or do I ride against the wind? Why the effort to resist? Instead lay on your back in the water and let the wave take you. Instead ride with the wind behind your sails as you are supported and guided forth.

Enjoy the ride of new found exploration of acceptance. Watch the enhanced ease grow and unfold in front of you as you sail through life no matter what comes your way.

Accept who you are, who they are, who we are as a whole and as a collective.

Acceptance allows space for remembering openly, honestly, fully, and completely. Memories - how they should be remembered and reflected upon.

Think of me fondly, think of her fondly, think of him fondly, think of it fondly - no matter the specifics.

Everything has got you where you are now. Be grateful for it. Open to the reality of it. Fully, totally, completely.

Relax more, hold on less and enjoy putting acceptance into practice.

"I accept, I accept, I accept"

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