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THE POWER OF// "SIRSASANA" // by Kelly Mason


A really fun posture to support students with in class.

Going upside down can be a really tough thing to do for some but with most people once they are up and come down and they realise they can survive such a thing they cant wait to get back up and do it all again!

I practice this pose multiple times per week including many variations with my legs.

I like to invert and then close my eyes for a little while however this should only be praticed if feeling realy cnfident in the pose.

There are so many arm as well as leg variation for Sirsana and I suggest that you start trying all of them as soon as you can as one tends to develop fears of the other variations when actually they are basically the same - its all in the mind appication in this pose - the best advise is to stay calm, be confident but take your time…


- Measure your elbows so they stay in line with the shoulders. This is your main support and foundation not allowing all, if any, of the weight to go into your head, you do this by grabbing the opposite elbows to measure and then interlink the fingers so you form an equal, steady triangle base. Then place your crown down with the interlinked fingers around the back of your head.

- Try not to sink into the shoulders instead push into the whole of the forarms and have the shoulders reaching up towards the waist.

- Walk the feet into the face until the hips stack on the upper body. Then maybe lift one leg. Then swap.

Only then, if you go sow and feel comfortable attempt to lift both legs

You can bend the knees but ideally you want to strive for an effortless lift of the toes from the floor with the legs straight all the way up and then back down again.

- When you release from this pose don't lift your head straight away and spend a few moments in childs pose

- Practice against a wall until you feel confident without - I also practiced for many months against a wall, there is no shame in this and the sooner you use the wall the sooner you'll be in a free stading headstand honey!


Mentally this posture promotes a new perspective, getting over fear and becoming confident not only in your practice but in daily life!

Improves many conditions such as insomnia and memory loss. It also promotes lung adaptability and strength

The posture provides good blood flow to the brain cells and allows the legs to drain away any stagnation.

Practice Totally, Fully & with all of your Being...


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