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THE POWER OF// "5 of many reasons why self love is so important for a life enhance." by Kelly Mason

We, many times think, that Love is something that we find outside of ourselves. Which within itself is something very beautiful all on its own but this external Love is not what I am talking about today.

Today I want to talk about how profound it is to love yourself. The internal Love of self to self for the sake of self.

Although external Love is something very sacred and special and comes in all variants and ways it is the love that we are able to give to ourselves that really makes for a steady, for filled and content mind.

Here are the five reasons I believe that the love of self is so important for a life enhanced!

1. Practising self love is the strong foundation of any external love really being experienced openly and fully.

2. The practice of self love supports ones confidence growth.

3. When one practices the various acts of self loving acceptance of oneself and therefor others naturally comes along with it as once self Love is practices external love can be experienced fully without any fear.

4. Practices of self Love brings a steadiness to the mind.

5. With self Love practices comes contentment.

Love can be interrupted in many ways and when we think of the word Love and its meaning we will all come up with slightly different answers of what we believe the definition of this thing we call love is, but no matter how many debates, no matter how many angles we approach the topic of Love one thing I am sure we can all agree of is that the very foundation of a confident, steady, content and accepting character develops out of the practices of Self love.


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