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THE POWER OF...// "The practice of conditioning oneself"// by Kelly Mason

"With the technique of Conditioning alone an individual can find themselves less effected by the external on goings."

This is one of my ultimate favourite techniques in the Yogic Practice. That of Conditioning oneself in preparation for what is to come next - whether that be undergoing the practice of a new skill to being able to gain that little more focus before moving onto one’s next task.

I use this technique throughout my days, if I am to read new information and know it’s essential to absorb the details or when I find myself not quiet knowing which task to do next, and to do that next task well.

Conditioning is the preparation of oneself. It’s a technique that can prepare the mind for the task or duty at hand. Whether it be the absorption of new information, the preparation of a meal 'Made with Love' or a few moments before your Yoga practice begins.

It allows space for the individual to become Composed, Poised and Calmed before taking on the new task, so one has a stable and clear mind to conduct the practice with a less distracted and focused mind.

We find that throughout the day we have thousands of thoughts. Most of those thoughts stemming from our imagination. Wasting at times our energies and efforts on things that will never come into our reality and losing the present moment within the process.

No wonder we find it difficult to train the mind to become present and give the task at hand our full undivided attention enabling us to serve our duty within that moment.

Conditioning is one of the Yogic techniques that can be applied at any time of the day. Sure, it takes a little practice but after a while you will find shifts happening faster and faster as the mind adapts to and surrenders to the training it is receiving enabling your experience of any task more mindful and present resulting in better results overall.

"A quiet Mind receives best."

The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, Mumbai.

With this technique of conditioning alone an individual can find themselves less effected by the external ongoings. Once this technique is practised consistently for a while the individual will find themselves habitually falling into the practice anytime the body becomes anxious or stressed. They will also find themselves naturally begin to condition before taking on any new task throughout the day. Bringing a day filled with calm, presence and mindfulness throughout.

The technique of Conditioning was pioneered by The Yoga Institute. It is practised during the many courses conducted onsite to start sessions of education where a clear & open mind is required to absorb new, complex information. It is encouraged throughout training.

There are so many benefits to this simple technique depending on the individual and the intention behind using this practice.

It brings a distracted mind to focus and attentiveness, calms the thought fluctuations of the mind leaving more space for new information of full presence during tasks, it curbs imagination that distracts the individual from being fully present throughout their days and it reduces thoughts that are irrelevant or unrelated to the focus required.


Sitting in a comfortable position. Keeping the spine straight (play with the positing of the torso stacking directly above the hips. If you experience tight hips and a rounding in the spine elevate the hips until the knees are lower and the spine becomes straight.

Gently close the eyes

Passively observe the breath. Use the technique of equal breathing

Continue with this for around 10 Minutes, if the mind begins to wonder don't worry, slowly bring your attention back to the breath - with time this will become easier, the process faster and you will find that distractions will become less and less with practice

After around ten minutes allow there to be no rush in the opening of the eyes to let the external distractions back in - try to maintain and stay with the feeling cultivated by this technique for as long as possible

The technique of conditioning can be practised throughout the day as required. Benefits will begin to show almost immediately from the first practice.

A beautiful technique that I use with my students during each Teacher Training course I conduct. It allows them to prepare in the morning sessions and it allows them to calm after lunch. Allowing for a consistent space in the mind to absorb new information with minimal space left that could be left open for distracting thoughts taking the student away from the experience at hand.

So, the next time you find yourself a little distracted, a little distant, a little anxious, slightly confused, flustered or with emotional disturbance try this technique.

Simple but one of the most effective to incorporate easily into your everyday life.

Happy Conditioning.


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