THE POWER OF// "Ethical slow fashion brand FARA BOUTIQUE Community feature." // by Kelly Mason

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

The signature LANA dress in "Shadow" tie dye from FARA Boutique made with 100% Varanasi silk.

I was recently interviewed by the wonderful slow movement fashion designers, and one of my all time favourite brands, FARA Boutique...

I fell in love with this brand around two years ago and found myself not being able to get enough of their pieces.

Each made with high grade, ethically and sustainably sourced materials like hemps and silks with unique tie dye prints and modern bohemian styles on offer you can't help but fall in love with their designs...

Not only do I adore the brands range but one of the main and more significant reasons I fell so hard for FARA was their philosophy motivated by the movement of slow and sustainable fashion.

I had the privilege of working closely with half of the FARA empire during the 2019 / 2020 in Goa helping to support and promote the brands in all the ways in which I could offer myself and got even more of a close up insight into the vision of the company.

I love each and every piece of what I own and when I wear FARA I feel not only powerful, beautiful, sexy and extremely empowered as a female but also each piece within themselves fit perfectly into my lifestyle and the way I live my life - Not only visually, but each piece also reflects perfectly how I want to represent myself when it comes to who I am supporting through what I wear each and every single day.

When we wear our ethics and morals in the clothing that we place on our bodies I think it brings out the most attractive nature within us all - I believe our wardrobe should be the external representation and reflection of ourselves and our beliefs.

To become more conscious of what we are wearing, what the materials are that we place upon our skin each and everyday; where they came from; how they were sourced; and how they were made is extremely important. It's a very powerful and a bold statement during such times of mass production, consumpotion and poor working conditions for the individuals who make most of the clothes in a world of seasonal trends, in and out of demand styles and the overall new age fashion industry's approach.

When I wear FARA it's far more than what an each piece looks like, of course each item is beautifully crafted - it's created with the female form in mind and beautifully captures sensuality and femininity. But so much more than this the clothing by the brand is so in tune with what I want to represent as a conscious consumer and as an empowered and eco driven female.

The interview was a brief insight into how I was living my life in isolation during my final month in Goa 2020 in Indian lockdown enforced by the government to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak and details of how it was I spent my time.

Check out the post by visiting the FARA site and if you get chance take a look at what they have to offer - It's all so beautiful! xx