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THE POWER OF// "HEMP." by Kelly Mason

Hemp as a material is an extreamly eco friendly crop, it requires no pesticides and requires little water and has recently been labelled as a 'Miricle fibre'...

No longer are the days when we look like 1960's hippies if you wanted to dress in materials like hemp, silk & quality cottons. In the 2000's we all walking around in all of our rough, bright coloured hemp clothing but have now stepped into a new age, we have now stepped into a time of high end, elegant, sofisticated fashion using these material and I could not be more excited to be involved with some of the many new brands who use these materials - in particular organic hemp, sourced from India.

One of my favourite designers here in Goa "FARA BOUTIQUE" has been the man inspiration for me writing this post...

Im hooked! Im on the band wagen! I am embracing it fully and the way that it is revolutionising not only the clothing industry but the medical industry as we know it and i'd like to fill you in a little more about this wonderous miricle of a plant!!

What better way to share my excitement than writing about why we should be celebrating this wonderful plant, her benefits and why to choose this material that is already making huge shifts in the fashion industy and why slow fashion and ethical fashion is the new black!


Actually Hemp as a material has been used for 10,000 years - Hemp has been found in textiles, in paper and medicine.

The big shift that happened when it came to producing products from Hemp was during the 1930's when "Evil" Weed and its name was spread around the world and Hemp took the hit.

It wasnt until 2014 when a lift was taken from banning the production of Hemp and it was this that has resulted in these innovative producers of Hemp popping up all over America.

26 and more states across the US had legalised Hemp for production!



* Recudes Acne

* Helps to impove conditions like ADD and ADHD

* Alzheimer’s

* Anxiety

* Autism

* Bipolar

* Cancer

* Digestive Issues

* Depression

* Diabetes

* Endocrine Disorders

* Epilepsy and Seizures

* Glaucoma

* Heart Disease

* Inflammation

* Irritable Bowel Syndrome

* Kidney Disease / Liver Disease

* Migraine

* Mood Disorders

* Motion Sickness

* Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

* Osteoporosis/Bone Health

* Parkinson’s Disease


* Sickle Cell Anemia

* Skin Conditions

* Sleep Disorders

* Stress

* Stroke


Hemp can be used in so many natural beauty products and skin care ranges such as...



Lip Balms

Body butters


The benefits on the skin...

Reduces acne, psoriasis, inflammation,pain and pimples.

We should always remember that what we put on our skin actually feeds our skin and goes into the blood steam that runs throughout our bodies so its always beneficial to not only suppoer independant, organic and ethical companies but to purchase the nearest to purest if not purest from befoe any processing to apply diretly onto the skin and store well.

For my body I use Aloe vera gel. I buy good quality 100% Aloe and I keep it stored in the fridge. Aloe in itself has many benefits and it hydrates, calms and smooths the skin - remember the skin is the largest organ of the body. It breathes, it needs lightness and not to have heavy dense chemically rich body butters clogging and restricting the thousands of pours that make up our skin.

Aloe is a whole other write up within itself, for now, back to Hemp...


Hemp oil

Hemp insulation is an excellent ecological substitute for glass and stone wool and has similar insulating properties as the latter.

Hemp seeds

Hemp seeds were mainly used as a food for the poor and animals.

Because seeds can have many beneficial effects, rich people started consuming them.

Nowadays, we can find hemp seeds in numerous households, restaurants and market shelves.

Hemp seeds can be shelled or unshelled.

Today, they are mainly used as an additive to various foods, salads, smoothis and deserts.

Hemp seeds can be roasted, germinated and eaten as fresh sprouts, or we can even prepare hemp milk from them however it could become expensive!

Hemp seeds are rich in omega-fatty acids, proteins, dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins, and offer similar therapeutic potential.

Hemp tea

Cannabis tea is mainly used for its beneficial effects and pleasant relaxation.

Hemp flour / Hemp protien

Hemp flour and hemp protein are both made from hemp seeds - it's a byproduct of cold pressing the hemp seeds for making oil.

This is packed with protein, dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals.

With further processing of hemp seed we can make one of its most refined versions - hemp flour.

When we continue this process again and again it results his leaves us a rich protein – hemp protein powder.


Organic production of Hemp does not require any pesticides, herbicides or artificial fertilizers for growth.

It cleans and maintains soil moisture.

It is considered to be an excellent renewable resource as it's life cycle lasts only a few months.

Breathableness and protection - It's an excellent choice during the summer, as hemp fibre breathes, absorbs moisture and protects us from UV rays.

Reference & Further readings visit :

For the last six years I have tried, where I can, to purchase and consume the things of quality instead of quant