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TRAVEL// "Manhattan & Queens, New York." // by Kelly Mason

New York was a beautiful time, I am so grateful that I got to spend two weeks in Manhattan City experiencing; some of the best vegan restaurants; bike each street of Manhattan; meeting old but new friends and loved ones.

The trip was not only for pleasure, not just to wonder and take in the busy, always happening city. The trip had a bigger purpose - to meet some extremely important and influential individuals.

Most the days were spent walking and biking the streets of Manhattan, many times throughout the trip we would walk the entirety of Central park, visit the harbour and take the cycles through the city and up to Harlem. We would visit galleries, take walks to significant landmarks and attended daily yoga sessions at the 'Yoga to the People" locations around the city. We boxed in the city’s parks, had dinners with old friends, ate pink berry ice cream and visited vegan cafe "By Chloe" almost every day!

We fit so much in during the two-week period we found ourselves in the city back in September 2016.

As per a few of my other travel articles I can only tell you of the things I have experienced, the places I can recommend. So here is my list of recommendations for The City of Manhattan, New York...

Yoga Studio

"Yoga to the People"

St Marks place, Manhattan, New York, USA.

Restaurants, Cafe's & Markets

"Blossom on Columbus"

Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York, USA.

"Blossom Du Jour"

Midtown, Manhattan, New York, USA.

"By Chloe"

Various, Manhattan, New York, USA.

"LuAnnes Wild Ginger"

Brooklyn, New York, USA.

"Pink Berry"

Various, Manhattan, New York, USA.

"Little Cupcake Bakeshop"

Brooklyn, New York, USA.


Various, Manhattan, New York, USA.

The goodbye to New York and friends was bitter, sweet.

From the trip to Manhattan I got to close a chapter in my life, be spoiled by what New York had to offer, I lived a once in a lifetime and fondly remembered encounters with influential and inspiration people, their spouses and their offspring.

A truly beautiful time.


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