Chamomile. Rose. Blue Spirulina. Watercolor. Acrylic. Gold pigment dust. Gold leaf. 


24" x 35" Framed.



"Isn't all we seek in life to find truth? In today's and past society we are constantly filtered information, biased opinions and view points and every truth we are fed on a daily basis is inaccurate and chosen for us. Humans have a defect that doesn't allow us to choose whether we speak real truth instead we choose to think that which we are speaking is truth but we should know this is also conditioned, our biased view and re spoken information that we have merely digested and individually perceived...   


The "Deepest Truth" is only unspoken, it can not be analysed - it just is, it's unaltered. It is pure, untouched, unchangeable... this is the truth I have tried to capture in this piece.


Searching for the meaning of truth or the depths of truth means to seek out the one who is Truth itself. Truth cannot be intellectualized.


One thing that we can do as individuals is step into our own individual truths by being who we are completely in any given moment and while doing this achknowledge ourselves in the most deepest form of truth by asking and enquiring " who am I? what do I stand for? what do I represent? what action do I want to take and why ? what is my purpose? how do i take the steps to forfil my purpose? 


To understand our truth, or at least what we feel and believe to be our truth, by further self enquiry and self study. This is where we go deeper and deeper into our being and that purpose and that reason through meditation, journaling and deep conscious reflections...


Finally, to express it fully, totally and completely


This is my expression of my deep truth. My deep purpose. The only truth I feel I really know or can really understand to be true and that is to create beauty in everything I do and to express myself fully, totally and completely while doing it.


This is an abstract of my deepest truth and therefor an abstract contribution of universal truth." 



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