Chamomile. Rose. Blue Spirulina. Watercolor. Acrylic. Gold pigment dust. Gold leaf. 


24" x 35" Framed.



"In Yoga, Buddhism and Zen practices this is the most highly regarded state to be obtained. It is within the shedding of our experiences and conditioning, the shedding of ourselves and our ego that this state can be reached. A state where we have obtained the knowledge and understanding of what is truth, a state in which more and more I find we as humans are moving away from in our new age and historic choices as beings and on mass scale. It is full comprehension of any given situation. 


It is a state in which is available to each and every individual in any one of our lifetimes. A state in which there is no ignorance, no violence, no greed and no attachement.


It is here that we know life's truth and we reach a Nivarna state and no longer rebirth into Samsara. There are seven stages in Buddhism and eight limbs in the Indian philosophy of Yoga.


Once one is enlightened or awakened they are gentle, full perspectivated transended beings and this is her abstract from captured. "