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PLANTFEED// "Mason & Co Series // A Plant based Salted caramel truffle."// by Kelly Mason

This is my third recipe development for the comany Mason & Co and before making these truffles I didnt realise how easy it was to make them and how tasty they are!! I think I placed them on some kind of fancy pedestal or something but I'm so happy I took them down and gave them a go for this collaboration...

Ever since creating these beauties I havent been able to stop making them! All different varieties and combinations like "Hemp & Matcha" and "Wild Orange cacao"!

But I must say, out of all of them, this is one of my absolute best creations and the plating for these is also within my top five!

With this collaboration and in this dessert specifially I have used the following products...

Cacao powder from Mason & Co

Cacao butter from Mason & Co

Dark sea salt 70% Dark chocolate Mason & Co

Serve Est. 10 - 12 Truffles

Dish Type. Dessert

Vegan. GF

Freezer friendly - 1 Month

INGREDIENTS * 3/4 Cup (soaked) dates *3/4 Cup (soaked) cashews *1/4 Cup Mason & Co cacao butter * 2 Tbsp maple syrup * 1 Tsp vanilla powder * Pinch salt Truffle coating : * 1 Cup Mason & Co sea salt dark chocolate * 1/2 Tsp coconut oil


1. Place the soaked dates and cashews into a food processor and blend into a paste, add vanilla, salt & maple and mix

2. Melt cacao butter and add little by little while blending to avoid separation

3. Place the mixture into mixing bowl and place into the fridge for around 15 minutes to slightly firm

4. Remove from fridge and take an ice cream scoop or spoon to split the mixture into bite sized pieces as you roll into 10 - 12 truffle balls, then place the balls into the freezer for around 4-8 hours to solidify.

5. Once the balls are solid melt chocolate and stir in coconut oil. Take eat bite sized truffle and dip into the melted chocolate to coat. (I use a tooth pick for this process). Place the coated truffles onto a silicone tray and put back in the freezer for around ten minutes to set.

6. Store in the freezer in airtight container for up to one month or keep in container in the fridge for up to one week only. THE ART OF PLATING

1. Melt a little dark chocolate, around 1 tbsp per serving.

2. Take a serving plate and place blobs of chocolate at around 6 points around only half the plate

3. Take a spatular and paint the plate with chocolate

4. Slice the truffle down the middle to expose the centre and allow the two sides to fall away from one another

5. Add dried flower or a sprinkle of Mason & Co cacao nibs to finish!

Enjoy totally, completely & with all of your being.


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