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PLANTFEED// "SUN POTION Series // Chamomile, banana & Pine pollen ice cream."// by Kelly Mason.


The last few months have been a real waiting game after working on various collaborations and sitting here patiently since arriving back in the UK for packages to arrive.

However now I find that most of the wait is over!

Back at the beginning of the year I worked on a series of plant based desserts for a really exciting bean to bar vegan chocolate company Mason & Co - It was crazy, I had be buying the product since 2017 while living between India and California loading my breakfast porridge with their cacao nibs and making homemade chocolates with their cacao powders and butters and it wasnt until early 2020 that I decided to reach out to them and see if they would be interested in a collaboration!

I made ten desserts for the company and one of them has, to date, been featured on their social media platforms and you can find the recipe for the "Cacao coconut truffle" on their website blog here...

The remiaining desserts will feature over the remaining course of 2020 and early 2021 and I can't wait to share what I created using their amazing products!

From this extreamly successful collaboration with one of my favourite companies it was here I decided to highlight myself as a recipe developer to a selection of some of my all time favourite superfood, adaptogen and vegan friendly companies to see if they would also be interested in what I could create for them. Low and behold, much to my excitement I got some hits!!

The two companies that feature in this particular dish are Aire CBD and Sun Potion.


"Sun Potion Transformational Foods is dedicated to health, happiness and well-being through the use of medicinal plants, superfoods and tonic herbs. We source the planet for potent, healing substances with the ability to transform consciousness and health. We work with suppliers who can meet our stringent quality standards and commitment to purity. We only source Organic and/or Wildcrafted products and we never use ingredients that have been chemically treated in any way. 

Sun Potion products are created and shared with integrity.  

Today, Sun Potion brings the highest quality tonic herbs, algae, greens, and mushrooms available to all in single-ingredient, pure powder, and whole food form.  Our vision is to share these Transformational Foods and activate Radiant Health for our global community!"

Sun Potion.

After back and forth emails to Sun Potion they were excited to work with me and they shipped a huge selection of amazing products to create with. The package, after 7 weeks of waiting due to a few initial complications, finally arrived on Monday and I couldn't wait to get started!

On top of this I received even further good news as I will now be a contributor to their website - This is such exciting news and it made my day and now I'll be dedicating a huge chunk of my time over the next few weeks making some beautiful plant based dishes using their products - I can't wait for you to see what I have in store!

In this dish I used Sun Potion's Pine Pollen to create the beautifully calming and gentle chamomile banana vegan ice cream.


"Aire is made from CBD and refined hempseed oil with added hemp terpenes. No THC.

You won’t find any additives, preservatives, chemicals or flavourings in our oils. Plus we’ve taken every bit of THC out. That means no unwanted side effects. All natural, all organic, all hemp. Like life, we think it’s best to keep things simple. So we only use one ingredient in our oils. Hemp. Everything – the CBD, the terpenes, the carrier oil – all come from this one magic plant. We blend premium-grade CBD with hemp-plant terpenes to kick start the 'entourage effect', helping your body and mind get the most out of every drop."


Aire CBD actually started to follow me on social media and they seemed engaged with my offerings and after my initial proposal they were super keen to see what I could create using their product and recently sent me their Medium strength CBD oil to include in a number of dishes I have been working on.

For this dish I used the CBD to further infuse the flower syrup and further compliment the calming effects of the chamomile.

Note: Don't feel like you have to make this dessert with the pollen or the CBD if you dont have to hand or have the funds in invest at this time - the dish can be created without these products and it a beautifully flavourful dish in its own right...

Serves 4-6 

Dish Type - Dessert / Sweet Side compliment 




3 Ripe Frozen banana 

1/2 cup coconut milk 

1/2 cup coconut cream 

3 Tbsp agave syrup (or coconut nectar / maple syrup) 

2 Tbsp dried chamomile flowers

1 Tsp vanilla extract 

1 Tsp Lemon juice 

Pinch sea salt 


1. Blend all the ingredients in a blender then transfer to a glass or silicone container and store in the freezer for at least six hours before serving. 


1/4 cup agave syrup (or coconut nectar / maple syrup) 

1 Tbsp dried organic chamomile flowers

2 Tsp water 

1 Tsp lemon juice 


1. Pour agave syrup into small sterilized jar and add dried organic flowers - seal and set aside overnight. 

2. Once the chamomile has infused the sweetner add water, lemon juice and optional CBD drops then stir until completely combined, smooth and a slightly runny consistancy. 

3. Drizzle over the chamomile pine ice cream or store in the fridge for upto one week. 

Enjoy totally, completely & with all of your being.


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