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JOURNAL// "My Goan season comes to an end."// by Kelly Mason

Already for many the season in Goa is over, for some it has actually only just begun as people were still arriving here by the time I left.

We arrived back in September with many hopes, with visions and with ideas that we wanted to manifest during our time in Goa.

Looking back I am so grateful with what has been achieved during these last six months.

I arrived on a whim. On a phone call. that's it. My goodness and what has come from this call was something that would be directing the course of our future.

Still throughout I found that it is within my character to strive more, look for how we could refine, grow and become better in our fields of passions but when I take this reflection I can not believe how much has been achieved in such a short space in time.

Plant based desserts in a beautiful retreat space; daily yoga classes with on some days almost twenty individuals attending the sessions; a small dainty white clean apartment we called home just at the back of a nice stretch of beach in North Goa, all set up with glass storage throughout with a fridge stocked with tropical local seasonal fruits throughout, organic honey and some handmade chocolates made by our wonderful friend Raw Rob and that's about it; Lastly a small dainty coffee shop that we made from almost nothing.

When I think about it all its incredible what can be created. Better yet, it is incredible what can be manifested.

We were refining a way to live simply but live well, together.

During this season most of the time was spent doing at least something, like making collaborations with beautiful, like minded creatives whether it be through photography capturing beauty and the surrounding environments or helping promote friends brands through visual beauty captured, whether collaborating with designers on their new and growing brands, supporting friends by visiting their stores, their cafes and supporting like minded establishments by dining out a little too often.

Creating more beautifully presented plant based desserts for our space and coffee shop as well as catering to small events in and around the village.

This being my first full season here in Goa, excluding last season where most of it was spent catching flights to and from California and the UK as well as teaching for numerous hours per day not permitting me to leave the space with the exception of attending some contact improvisation jam sessions but rarely. Then of course a stint in time where i found myself staying up until 5am some mornings on the beach when I first met a very special individual as this was the only time we could really spend time with one another when we first met.

I found when it was around a week from leaving "My Goa" that I didn't want to!

Instead I wanted to continue creating and expanding on what has already been created. But now I have left I can see that its needed. I need to see and spend time with friends and family. I need to refine my own skills when it comes to teaching Yoga and working within the field of plant based cuisine. I need to take a step back from what I became so deeply involved in during our time in Goa so the next season will be better and more refined with hopefully more returns to solidify our futures.

Although I do miss my routine, even though already but the time the season was ending I felt that routine slip! It started to shift to a more relaxed nature, the way we would wake and I would practice yoga and teach daily almost until the day we left, I now ran only now a few errands for the coffee shop and spent the remaining few days drinking coffee, dining out, taking my final daily walks along the beach, having my last cruise on the paddle board down our back yard river and teaching the remaining yoga sessions at Anahata Retreat.

I will miss most of course my Love as we will be apart for a number of months - of course apart in body but still together in heart and mind.

I will miss teaching daily classes even though at times it did take most of my energy.

I will miss walking along the beach anytime I pleased and gain that slow pace and connection with the beauty that is Nature immediately.

I will miss being able to be so creative and express beauty within and through myself and the environment around us.

I will miss being a nobody to most as we lived in a village with people coming and going all the time on their travels.

There are many things that if I were to think in this way would keep me in a place I no longer am.

But I am not in that place. I have let go of the season that just passed completely.

I know that it is waiting for us to pick her up where we left her off very soon when the new season starts again.

Until then I want to do my best to grow our vision, I want to explore my old environment in Cheshire with new perceptions and experience that I have gained, I want to enjoy for a prolonged period of time with my friends and family fully as it has been too many years that I have been away from them.

I want to see what i am able to achieve in my local and surrounding areas in my fields of passions.

Until I return Goa, stay beautiful.

I believe next season will be bigger and better than the last - I have complete faith in this.


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