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JOURNAL// "My top 5 practices when everything gets a little too much " // by Kelly Mason

Of course I have those times when I just want to crawl into my bed, take myself under the covers and make everything that is going on come to a quiet stand still.

However, like we all ultimately know, the show must go on and we must move forward and continue to take everything in our stride especially in this day and age as we find we are living each day at one hundred and one miles an hour with each and every task having to be pushed back to the next as there are never enough hours in one day to get on top of everything.

But who is it that puts this expectation on us? Our jobs, our environments, the society that we live in? The age that we live in? Or is it the people we surround ourselves with?

Or really is it purely down to the expectations that we put onto ourselves each and everyday ?

What it is that we expect of ourselves each and every day to make ourselves feel worthy or good enough in our own opinion or standard of ourselves?

Tell me, is it external expectation you are dealing with or Internal expectation of yourself?

More is not always better. Its the quality of task or work that we do which is important and to achieve that quality we need to ensure that we have enough energy and enthusiasm to do these tasks well while not experiencing burn out along the way and therefor diluting what we could actually give to whatever it is that we are doing or want to do.

During the last few years my life has been non stop! I work at least 12 if not more hours everyday and even my hobbies are apart of my work. Even my relaxation and social time is apart of my work. It is a pleasure that my works are my passions but sometimes I also find I burn out, sometimes I get tired and sometimes I find everything getting a little too much.

When this happens its always time for me to provide myself a little cushioning, a little me time, a little self tender, loving, care. An it here that I share with you those practices that never fail to put the "Jump and dance" back into my steps of every day living and all that expectations I put onto myself within my work and how I live each and every day...

So here it is, 5 of my practices when life, tasks, duty and expectations get a little too much,,,

1. I get creative.

Even though getting creative is apart of my work anyway I cant help but include this within my list.

Already I create so much beauty through Plant based cuisine, fluid art and in teaching Yoga to my students however when one of them gets a little too much I find myself gaining a release by doing one of the others!!

The only difference here is that it is when I choose to do it not when I have to do it that brings that release.

If I find that I have been working all day in the kitchen that one of my releases would be to create a new piece of art, or to get creative through writing.

If I find I have been working hours upon hours on a commissioned piece of work I find that to relieve myself from the efforts I take myself away and recharge by making a beautiful plant based meal for myself.

Even if its changing up the task or walking away from something you have to do to something that you want to do can give you that release.

2. I go for a walk.

This is one of the most helpful things for me when my mind is working overtime.

When I am in Goa I take myself across the river of our back garden and before I know it I am on the most secluded part of the beach. Here I walk along the shore line with the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair wearing my favourite bikini receiving my vitamin Sea and D and my mind ceases to think of work or what it is that I expect of myself that day.

When I am in the UK I find myself taking myself on a little county walk, I walk across the road from where I live and within moments I'm on the canal surrounded by English flowers and greenery which instantly takes my attention away from the overload of thoughts about tasks that need to be completed.

On each of my walks I become absorbed in the beauty that surrounds me and another benefit - I am moving my body along the way which automatically releases calming and happy endorphins!!

This is one of those practices that I hope to maintain daily for the rest of my life. The power of taking yourself into nature and just walking is possibly one of the keys to living well and living balanced.

Sometimes the release is just outside the door.

3. I let myself be Lazy.

On these days I decide to do absolutely nothing other than binge watch a T.V series or sit under my covers and watch my favourite movies back to back. These are the days that I get in the bath and don't get out for the next hour or until the water goes cool. These are the days that I don't leave my bed until noon.

The days that I binge eat beans on toast, crisps and dark chocolate. The days dedicated to not cooking for myself and the days I decide to order a shameless, guilt free take out.

The thing is when you are so productive, when you live a healthy, active lifestyle most of the time this is when you can fully enjoy one of these types of days!

It feels amazing to enjoy every second of laziness when you dedicate yourself to a lazy day fully! Instead of when you regret that lye in, when you regret that extra portion of spring rolls.

When I have a lazy day I dedicate myself to it completely, totally, fully.

Guilt of these types of days only sets in when you do it too often but when its a one off, usually for me this is my time of the month where I need that extra nurturing or extra carbs for energy, an for me a day like this is rare, then I experience every part of it with pleasure and guilt free!!

Don't be Lazy often but be lazy well!!

4. I have dinner with my most important people.

If everything gets a little much there is nothing more than I love to do than go for a dinner with one of my closest!!

One of my favourite things to do is enjoy nice cuisine, of course I'm a chef, an lucky for me its what most of my friends also enjoy.

What better way to get somethings off your chest than having someone who really cares listen all while you are sat in a beautiful environment drinking Vegan red wine by the sip, eating a three course plant based meal all while catching up and provided a reverse support for your closest - because of course if you are going through something no doubt they are going through their own thing too!

By the end of any meal I share with my nearest and dearest I feel instantly relieved. I feel almost instantly stress free and back ready to take on my world and my expectations again.

Refuelled, supported and good to go...

5. Lastly, I practice Yoga.

This works for me every, single time. Whether it is me taking myself to a lead class or sitting, stretching and deep breathing at home.

Nothing quite gets me calm other than my Yoga practice and it almost happens instantly.

Most of the time I go to the gym, do a little gentle weights for my legs, take a 2-5 km run on the treadmill and then I take myself to the corner with my earphones and have my practice for the remaining hour or so of the session.

This is the main thing that keeps me sane in my life. This is why I practice each and everyday.

If I find everything getting a little much taking up my practice will not only make my body, if its physically tired, feel much better but it calms and slows my mind - I am actually at that point within my Yoga practice that once I arrive on the mat and I understand that my practice is about to take place that I think of nothing else the entire time I am there - I feel fortunate to have this practice as my tool in living.

Above all else I find this to be one of my most beneficial practices when everything gets a little too much.

That's it, these are my main "go to" practices when everything gets too much. How do you get out of your expectations? How do you settle yourself when everything gets a little too much?

I hope that you know where to take yourself or where to go to ground down once more at those times you find you are floating away with everything that you have to achieve. An if not, I hope this writing is helpful in giving you a little direction in my practices that might just help you get your feet back on the ground.


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