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PLANTFEED// "Supernova living // Almond butter vegan protein brownies."//by Kelly Mason

Almond butter plant based GF protein brownies in collaboration with Supernova living.

Serve Est. 6

Dish Type. Dessert / snack

Vegan. GF

Freezer friendly - 1 Month


100g ground almonds

100g Dark vegan chocolate

50g almond butter

50g coconut oil

3 tbsp supernova living WOMEN 01 + MAN 01 Blended protein balance mix

3 tbsp maple syrup

1.5 Tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp vanilla paste or essence

1 tsp baking powder


Place all dry ingredients in one bowl and combine. Then, place all wet ingredients in another bowl and combine

Mix wet and dry ingredients and fold gently to combine - try to avoid over mixing

Transfer to silicone moulds and bake at 160 for around 25-30 minutes

Remove from oven and allow to cool before removing from the moulds.

Once cooled garnish with chocolate, almond butter, pistachio and raspberries (optional: dried rose)

GARNISH - per brownie

1 Tsp melted dark vegan chocolate

1 Tsp melted smooth almond butter

1 Tsp chopped pistachio

3 Raspberries

1/2 Tsp dried rose (Optional)

Enjoy totally, completely and with all of your being.


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