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SKIN FEED// "Homemade, Plant based grapefruit body scrub." // by Kelly Mason

For many years, or for as long as I can remember, I have been creating homemade beauty care as my skin is super sensitive. I find that even shop bought, and sometimes other people’s homemade soaps can irritate my skin.

When making these products I believe in simplicity by not overcrowding the inventions and tinctures so anything that I share is easy to make, easy to use and super effective.

Grapefruit is my chosen DIY body treatment of the day. She is oh so sweet, so pretty, so bright, so perfect and oh so Yum.

You have a choice with this recipe, you can eat the content then use the remaining to make the scrub or use the entire grapefruit. I will leave that up to your taste buds to decide.

Personally, I love this fruit, I like to squeeze the juice into hot water for a bitter sweet wake me up or I have her how she is. Other times I use the juice on my face with an ice-cold flannel after cleansing a few times per month when they are in season.

Before I let you in on one of my Citrus favourite homemade scrubs let me share with you the many benefits of including this delicious the fruit into your diet, whether it be through "Plant feed" or "Skin feed" ...

Grapefruit Benefits

Prevents Cancer

Helps Aid In Burning of Body Fat

Stress Reducing Qualities

Lowers Blood Pressure

Reduces fatigue

Reduces Acidity

Eliminates Constipation

Controls Diabetes

Reduces risk of Premature Ageing

Helps Eliminate Oily Skin

Helps Scrub of Dead Skin

Grapefruit Body Scrub

1 Cup Organic Brown Sugar

2 Drops Organic Grapefruit essential oil

Remains of 1 Grapefruit

1/4 Cup Virgin Olive Oil

1 Tsp Grapefruit Rind


1. Scrape the inside of the grapefruit remains, add Grapfruit rind & blend

2. Place brown sugar in a bowl, add blended grapefruit, essential oil & stir

3. Add lastly the Olive oil & stir gently but well

4. Store in a glass, air sealed container and keep in the fridge before use. You can keep for up to two weeks using the Scrub every other day.

Happy Citrus Scrubbing!


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