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TRAVEL// "England." // by Kelly Mason

"Blossoms in the late spring & early summer months in Cheshire, UK."

I have began to appreciate my country more and more as the years have gone by.

There have been many instances where I have found England missing in my reality during times of travel throughout my early twenties and living abroad throughout my mid-Late twenties.

Each time I come back I am instantly reminded of my roots. Each time I see more beauty around me in the fertile land that surrounds me than I saw before.

I usually find myself back in the UK at the best time of year, the spring/summer where the greenery and blossoms appear more and more, and the wild blackberries and elder flowers begin to show themselves.

I love the canal system that runs the entirety of my country and how I walk fast paced along the many Cheshire locks in the early summer evenings.

When the tomatoes from my garden are ready to be picked and how the greenhouse smells when I stand and spend time watering.

I feel instantly at home.

These are the things over the years I have grown to notice and appreciate more and more.

I am yet to travel the whole of my own country, in fact I have found myself discovering less of my own country than I have of the others over the years. I have however visited several, and spent time in, major cities and surrounding towns.

I found living here, especially when I started making lifestyle changes, a little difficult. To say the least it certainly was less than easy.

When it came to shopping locally, seasonally and ethically I would search for the local farmers markets, ethical and independent stores and good quality vegan / vegetarian restaurants & cafes.

Through my many visits back to the UK I found a few little gems and I would like to share them with you.

(This is for those of you looking to make healthier and more ethical shifts in your life, or for those who are already living this lifestyle and you find yourself in the area.)

For this I have complied a small list of restaurants, markets, cafe's and Yoga studios from my time living here and my visits back. These are from my personal experience, personal enjoyment and personal pleasure.

So, enjoy, and if you are in the area try them for yourselves...

Restaurant's, Cafe's & Markets

"Wild & Wild Cafe"

Congleton, Cheshire, UK.

I only discovered this little place a few weeks ago. And what a place it is indeed.

It’s a fresh, light and open space with outdoor garden. The food is something I believe those in Congleton and surrounding areas if vegetarian or vegan have been waiting for.

While here I ordered a Homemade Almond milk Turmeric Latte and all I can say is that it was the best of its kind, the best I have ever tasted inclusive of ones I have made for myself in the past.

Offering Breakfasts, brunches, lunches and snacks including homemade desserts and cakes to eat in or take away.

"1847 Bar & Restaurant"

Manchester, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, UK.

This is my favourite restaurant in the UK. Each and everything I have tried on the menu I have fallen in love with, repeatedly .

I would go to this place on my birthday, when I would take time to have dinner with old friends, I would visit here anytime they were running an event of special offer and I have spent New Year’s in this restaurant during my Winter back in the UK.

They have several locations throughout the UK however I have only visited and experienced the Manchester location and I have since heard that the Founder of the 1947 chains has sold the other locations to the Head Chefs.


Didsbury, Manchester, UK.

A vegetarian vegan restaurant in Didsbury on the outskirts of Manchester city. Its fine dining vegetarian Cuisine and I am yet to be disappointed.


London, UK.

One of my favourite places in London City. One of the most practising what they are preaching restaurants I have come across to date.

The first Vantra location was on Oxford street in central London but have since moved to a spot just on the outskirts of China town, (at first, I thought they had closed however the last visit to London, we accidentally stumbled across the new site) which is a bigger, better and stronger version of the original Vantra.

They serve self-serve style vegan, fermented, raw and cooked foods and any left overs from the day go to a homeless shelter around the corner.

They use no heavy spices in their cooking, no GMO and no sugar in the food they serve.

"Wild food Cafe"

Covent Garden, London, UK.

A dainty second floor cafe in the beautiful area of Covert Garden.

Sometimes at peak hour it’s a little cosy to say the least but the menu is of a high quality and the presentation of the meals elude delicacy and creativity.

I am hoping to make it back to this space over the coming weeks before I depart from the UK onto my next venture.

"By Chloe"

Covent Garden, London, UK.

I enjoyed her in New York many times and turns out I got to enjoy her over and over during a quick visit to London.

Heads up if you want to go to this place at Lunchtime the queues are usually out of the door. But if you head in just before or just after peak times you will be eating your beloved By Chloe's in no time at all.

By Chloe offers several brunch options, sweet to savoury dishes all day long. By Chloe does speciality salads, burgers, sweet potato fries accompanied with Chipotle Aioli and everything you can think of sweet; cakes, cookies, pancakes ...and it’s all Vegan!!


London, UK.

There are two Locations around the City to choose from.

After visiting several cities over the last few years, I was coming of the opinion that good vegan restaurants were few and far between in the UK.

Of course, I would never have ruled the UK out all together when it comes to vegan cuisine however if I was close to it this place swiftly took me from the edge.

Beautiful dazed decor, welcoming & enthusiastic staff with almost an American approach to waiting. The service was fast and the food of fine dining quality.

I enjoyed every part of my meal and highly recommend this place.

"Unicorn Organics"

Chorley, Manchester, UK.

When I first walked into this space I thought I had died and gone to Ethical consumers heaven.

It’s cute and sweet and you can find anything you need and more.

It stocks everything from seasonal, fresh fruits and vegetables to organic cotton clothing for new born's.

They stock supplies of organic products for healthcare and personal hygiene and bulks of grains and nuts. In addition, if you find yourself a little hungry during your rounds they have a food counter offering various dishes and desserts.

Anytime I come to the UK I go to this place for a visit. I stock up on all the things I need and feel safe in knowing my items were bought through an ethical and conscious company.

This place excites me so much when I am around the area for the simple reason that they have it all; they sell organic seeds, meat & dairy substitutions, ethical and recycled & natural household products and recyclable toiletries.

Yoga Studio's

"Pure Yoga"

Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK.

This was the place that I would attend during my time between the UK and California. The space is owned by a cute educated couple and has been running successfully for several years.

They have minimal teachers and take most of their classes themselves. Mostly Hatha sessions with a few Yin and Arial sessions held by Andrew the owner.

A very knowledgeable couple and they live their passions, I have seen them carrying on their studies and practice throughout the years of me visiting the studio.

"Jivamukti Yoga Studio"

Manchester, UK.

A cool studio warehouse conversion. Classes are clean cut and offered throughout the week. Teaching styles such as Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Hatha & Vinyasa.


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